2016 Points

Here is the 2016 Rumble on the Runway summary of each class as it unfolded:

In Super Pro no mystery here, Bill Nesbitt from Victoria dominated the field with his 150 point advantage over Courtenay’s Ken Anderson making him another bridesmaid for the 2nd year in a row. But it might have been a different story if Parksville’s Bill MacDonald had registered for points, we will never know.
In Sportsman pretty well the same story: Victoria’s Clint Neargarth repeated as champion for his 2nd year in a row with a very late last race charge from Rob Baxter that could have caught him if it wasn’t for the fact that Clint was right beside him matching him round for round to meet in the finals of the last race. An interesting note is they both agreed to waive their dial ins and go at it heads up with the same dial in so no handicap tree and it was Mr Baxter that came out ahead.
The real story was in Pro. Ron Graham from Courtenay came into the final weekend with a near insurmountable lead of over 5 rounds over Duncan’s Matt Weremi. 6-7 rounds over Greg Wright and Bill Jaimeson from Victoria, Pt Alberni’s Logan Walcot and Ladysmith’s Wade Lahaise and in order to catch the points leader someone had to take him out early. Then the inevitable happened both Ron and Wade lost early allowing the others to march round by round devouring the comfortable points lead that Ron had accumulated. The final day proved quite eventful as Ron stewed on the sidelines. Mathematically it came down to only Matt that could catch him because Ron’s clutch 1st round win put him safe from the others. It came down to once the enemy in Logan Walcot to now the ally had to race Matt Weremi. The pressure was on Matt, he had to win to be in or if he lost he was regulated to second place. It was all on the table in one race and as needed he captured his first Pro series championship by displacing Logan and passing Ron by a mere 1 round.
To all champions and runner ups: Congratulations on another great season! Thanks to everyone for helping us set a record season of attending and making our event the pleasure it has been. If we had another race or another round or if it got rained out on the final day the results might have been different but alas the fat lady has sung and rumble in your pipes for next season.
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SUPERPRO - 2016 Final Point Standings

6011Bill Nesbitt396
A652Ken Anderson246
6391Mike Hutmacher226
124David Freeman225
699BJohn Breining196
N663Chris Sharpe184
E619Eric Shields144
252Lyle McBryde62

PRO - 2016 Final Point Standings

Matt Weremi366
211Ron Graham356
G656Greg Wright346
23Logan Walcot336
292Bill Jamieson276
283Wade Lahaise266
308Ron Clarke246
277Gord Brooks236
250Dave Deck236
500Phil Bachand 236
W619Tim Walton226
293Wayne Manca206
256Rick Hebert206
R711Rockey Filipchuk205
Byron Dewaal204
223Vince Smith196
Kirk Nielson194
295Brad Scott194
209Wayne Lamontagne186
228Trevor Walton186
226Rob Casanave179
206Richard Spencer164
294Larry Hopps164
228Rob Spencer164
273TJ Stagg154
282Connie Lahaise113
252Lyle McBride62
379Dale Parker62

SPORTSMAN - 2016 Final Point Standings

381Clint Neargarth396
411Robert Baxter346
308Ron Clarke296
319Darren Nylund296
219Jeff Bowell276
327Colby Day276
Neil Foxcroft266
336Connie Howie256
Dailan Foxcroft236
Len Stefiuk226
352Bev Varrin206
303Doug Day206
347Geoffry Hall206
355Greg Fentie200
409Robert Wilson196
371Dayton Fentie82
338Brent Odlund82
408Kevin Pye72


SUPERPRO - July 23-24, 2016

6011B Nesbitt254
124David Freeman174
A652Ken Anderson164
6391M Hutmacher164
E619Eric Shields144
699BJ Breining134
N663Chris Sharpe72
252Lyle McBryde62

PRO - July 23-24, 2016

211Ron Graham274
Matt Weremi224
G656Greg Wright214
292Bill Jamieson204
283Wade Lahaise204
23Logan Walcot204
Kirk Nielson194
308Ron Clarke174
206Richard Spencer164
226Rob Casanave164
500Phil Bachand 164
W619Tim Walton144
293Wayne Manca144
250Dave Deck144
277Gord Brooks134
256Rick Hebert134
223Vince Smith134
209Wayne Lamontagne124
228Trevor Walton124
R711Rockey Filipchuk123
295Brad Scott122
Byron Dewaal122
294Larry Hopps113
228Rob Spencer82
282Connie Lahaise82
273TJ Stagg72
252Lyle McBride62
379Dale Parker62

SPORTSMAN - July 23-24, 2016

381Clint Neargarth274
308Ron Clarke204
319Darren Nylund204
411Robert Baxter194
336Connie Howie174
Neil Foxcroft174
327Colby Day164
Dailan Foxcroft164
219Jeff Bowell164
355Greg Fentie144
352Bev Varrin144
303Doug Day144
347Geoffry Hall134
409Robert Wilson134
Len Stefiuk134
338Brent Odlund82
371Dayton Fentie82
408Kevin Pye72


SUPERPRO - June 18-19, 2016

6011B Nesbitt122
A652Ken Anderson92
124David Freeman82
6391M Hutmacher82
699BJ Breining72
E619Eric Shields62

PRO - June 18-19, 2016

211Ron Graham132
295Brad Scott122
292B. Jamieson112
23L. Walcot112
308R. Clarke92
R711Rockey Filipchuk92
G656G Wright82
283C. Lahaise82
206R Spencer82
W619Tim Walton82
256Rick Hebert72
273TJ Stagg72
250Dave Deck72
283W. Lahaise72
223V Smith72
270Trevor Walton62
277Gord Brooks62
500P Bachand 62
293Wayne Manca62
294L. Hopps41
379D Parker31

SPORTSMAN - June 18-19, 2016

308Ron Clarke112
319Darren Nylund102
303Doug Day82
338Brent Odlund82
411R Baxter72
355G Fentie72
352Bev Varrin62
327Colby Day62