Race Updates

Registration is now closed.

A confirmation email to the Racers that have registered will be sent out shortly.

Please be advised we are limited to car count registration due to camping/parking room.

Check our Updates page for 2024 Season Information

2024 Pre-season update

March 18, 2024

Attention in the pits!

Please read the information below in full.

Please check the Master Driver Checklist below to ensure your driver number and spelling of your name and other information is correct. The driver number on the list is your personal and permanent driver number and is the number you will need to use on your Registration Form, Tech Form, and on your Vehicle Windows on race day. This is the number you will use for all McNeill races this season and future seasons, as well as if you race at the Saratoga track.  This number is to be used regardless of the class you compete in, the vehicle you drive or if your switch vehicles over time. Shared vehicles use the same number for both drivers in both classes to avoid confusion in the tower. Anyone who knows racers who are not on the internet please let them know or let me know.

*Note: if your number is not correct, you wish to change it, or any of your information is incorrect please contact me by email at dragracing@island-oasis.ca as soon as possible so I can make adjustments before registration begins. Additionally, if the vehicle you are racing this season has changed from past seasons, driver change or the car is shared, please let me know as we plan to update the computer system before we pack it up to take to the first race. If you are a new racer to the NITA track and do not have a number or if somehow your number was lost in the computer data transfer, please contact me as soon as possible.

*Note: This DOES NOT guarantee you a space for the event(s)! This is just for information purposes only!

Notes when marking your windows on race day. Order is:

Line 1: Class [Space] Driver Number

Line 2: Dial in

*Line 3: If your car runs alcohol, put a capital A with a circle around it.


All lines must be 6”  high and very clearly written to help the Tower with accuracy and efficiency.  For those racers who wish to put permanent driver numbers on their windows they too must be 6” high.  For those with limited window space or on motorcycles just do your best. ????


To avoid class confusion, classes are to be shown as:

ST = Street

P  =  Pro

SP  =  Super Pro

Jr  =  Jr. Dragsters


*Note: Sportsman Class will be known as Street Class to avoid confusion with Super Pro. This change does not determine the requirement for the class.


Using Tim Walton as an example:

SP 619W



Two classes should be shown with a /

Using Tim Walton as an example in Pro and Super Pro:

P/SP  619W


2023 Winners!

October 24, 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 winners!

NITA final winners

Outdoor Movie at dusk on August 19th!

August 9, 2023

The North Island Timing Association is proud to bring our racers and fans an outdoor showing of Top Gun: Maverick on a 40-foot big screen!

August 19th, 2023

at Dusk

Top Gun Maverick

North Island Gazette Article

August 3, 2023
newspaper article

"Rumble On The Runway delivered unforgettable weekend"

We were featured in the North Island Gazette! Check out the full article using the link below.

July 15 – 16 Race Weekend Recap

August 2, 2023

The Rumble On The Runway's second race of the year, held on July 15 to 16 at Port McNeill Airport, was a big hit!

The event attracted 97 cars and racers from different parts of Vancouver Island, including Victoria, Port Alberni, Nanaimo, Courtenay, and Campbell River. The races featured both male and female drivers, as well as a special program for young drivers called Junior Dragster. Even a traveler from Iran documented the event on his blog, adding an interesting international touch to the races. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police also paid a visit and were impressed with how well the event was organized.

The races had a positive impact on the local economy and community, with around 85 participants coming from outside the town, accompanied by an average of three people each. This influx of visitors supported local businesses by spending money on fuel, food, groceries, and dining at restaurants. The Port McNeill and Hyde Creek Fire Departments were also present to ensure everyone's safety, and the airport efficiently managed both the races and regular air traffic. The community support for the event was overwhelming and greatly appreciated by the organizers. Overall, it was a successful and enjoyable weekend of racing and camaraderie!

Driver numbers and class designation letters must be displayed on both side windows and the windshield.

Numbers on side windows must be a minimum 4 inches high and 1 1/2 inches wide. Class designation letters must be a minimum 3 inches high and 1 inch wide. Numbers and class designation on windshield must be a minimum of 3 inches high and 1 inch wide. Driver’s competition number and class designation must be displayed in a legible manner in a contrasting color to the vehicle’s background color, or light color on windows, in a prominent position, and be clearly visible to the tower personnel. Class and numbers must be in the form of permanent decals or paint. The use of shoe polish in any form is prohibited.

All participants, please see below quoted from page 19 from the 2023 NHRA  Rulebook:

"The NHRA Rulebook provides guidelines and minimum standards for the construction and operation of vehicles used in NHRA Championship Drag Racing and at member-track events. It is the responsibility of the participant to be familiar with the contents of this Rulebook and to comply with its requirements. Do not leave it up to track officials to catch all potential rule compliance problems. That responsibility rests first and foremost with YOU"

Racers, spectators, and volunteers are required to complete Speedwaiver. It's recommended to do this before arriving at the race because WIFI is limited at the gate.

Online pre-registration will begin on April 1, 2023. Visit the registration page for more details.

Important 2023 Racing Updates:

  • Please Note: We are rolling out a new online registration form and registration process starting April 1, 2023. Visit the registration page for more details.

Important reminder about our online waiver:

  • Our race insurance provider will require all racers and crew to sign an online waiver, the same as last year. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Paper waivers are discontinued with the provider.
  • If you do not have a cell phone or cell phone does not have features to access Speedwaiver you can use a friends phone to access to sign.
  • The online waivers are very easy to access and process.
  • Minors under 19 years of age require parent/guardian sign Speedwaiver.
  • The waiver signature and photo are only for you and your crew to show proof of signing.
  • NITA nor Speedwaiver have or use your photo or signature.
  • We would highly recommend you pre sign the waiver as cell service is limited at the track.
  • Pass this information around to your fellow racers and crew to help with a smooth transition and entry onto the starting line area and race surface.
  • Racers and crew will need proof before allowed past the timing slip table location for any reason.
  • On your cell phone when prompted that you  allow location access and camera access when the system requests or it will not work and cause all sorts of problems to get registration processed.
  • Simply copy and paste the link on your cell phone onto your text message,  click on the link, follow prompts.
  • If you are having a problem with waiver please ask your question on North Island Timing Association Facebook for assistance from fellow racers that have experienced this online system.
  • Here is the Link to copy and paste on your cell phone to text and start the process.   https://nita.speedwaiver.com/erjxq
  • Take screenshot or access this message for proof of signing waiver.

Archived News from the 2022 racing season:

2022 race schedule will be a one weekend / two day event

Registration open April 1 – 15, 2022 MAIL IN ONLY

Please note our car count has been limited due to changing dynamics of airport property.

Registration cut off postmark is April 15, after closing all registrations will be entered into a computer selection program that will randomly choose the race fields and successful entrants. At that point you will be notified and your registration must be paid by June 30, 2022 with cash or cheque.

This will not be a points race weekend. 1st and 2nd in each class will receive a trophy.

All cars running in classes that require chassis certification and driver licensing will  follow NHRA rules. Licensing must be taken at any NHRA sanctioned track. Chassis certification must be performed by authorized Chassis cert personal and have appropriate chassis decal attached. NITA will not be licensing or grandfathering past NITA licenses, therefore NITA licenses are null and void.

Camping on pit area property only for race car team. One support / camper per car.

Sportsman class will park trailers at track end (starting line area) All personal vehicles must be parked outside pit areas in general parking. Any operator of motorized vehicle on property must have a valid BC drivers license, no use of pit vehicles after dusk

All past rules and participation protocol must be followed.

Archived News from the 2019 racing season:


Please note:

Get your fuel order in by March

Performance Products is getting ready for the 2018 race season by letting you all know his race fuel order goes in the month of February, the cut off is March.
Anyone requiring fuel needs to get on the list and paid in full by March.
Please contact Bill at work 1 250-338-6441 or email: perfprod@shaw.ca

Race director for 2018 season is Jeff Bowell

We welcome our past president back to help us in this position, he can be reached on his cell at 1 250-734-1797

Archived News from the 2017 racing season:

To all North Island Timing Association racers and volunteers

I’d like to give you all a big thank you for the enjoyment and the memories that you have provided me over all these years. I have raced from Pomona to Calgary and enjoyed the races at Pt. McNeill more than anywhere I’ve attended because it was like one big family. But age has caught up to me and the window is rapidly coming to a close. So it’s time for me to resign as race director for such a great series of events because I long to return to racing my cars at NHRA point meets and national events. I hope continued success to the races in Pt McNeill.
Thanks again for the joy I received from the many — Bill Leong

Registration is now full and closed

Email confirmations have been sent out, if you did not receive an email please contact us as some emails were missing.

Important information about Driver Licensing:

There are many new cars + drivers that are unlicensed so please be aware we are an 1/8 mile track and and any driver or vehicle capable of running under 6.40 seconds or over 110. mph the equivalent of 9.99 + 135.mph 1/4 mile requires to have their car certified + the driver to have a competition license

We offer licensing opportunities during our events for NITA only so that you may compete at our races in a competent manner.These are the proper procedures required of you as an entrant at our races if you do not have all the proper and non expired credentials from other sanctioning bodies.

1st make sure you have all the licensing forms which can be downloaded from the NHRA websites and FILLED in plus a current drivers license as required.

2nd all proper safety attire for the driver such as current helmet,sfi 5 jacket pants or suit,neck collar,gloves,arm restraints if open wheel vehicle

3rd the vehicle that driver is licensing in must have current certification which NITA can also supply

4th you need a track official and 2 current license drivers of your pears to witness your runs down the track and they must sign you off for each pass


Here is the proper protocol for the run procedure during license passes first 2 runs are to be only 1/2 track passes then the next 2 runs are to be moderate and the final 2 runs are full passes (don’t try to be a hero you are only trying to get your license there is plenty of time later to become a champion.) this can take up to 2 days to finish which is required by NHRA but we are more lenient and will try to accommodate your quest time permitting.

We run classes in this order SPORTSMAN,PRO,SUPER PRO so to all licensing participants be prepared right after 1st qualifying pass for SPORTSMAN your up and all license passes are singles,this is the 1st of you 1/2 track pass DO NOT EXIT THE TRACK EARLY GO TO END AND TURN OFF that constitutes a pass IF you do not go thru our timers you will have no data to fill out your forms,your 2nd - 1/2 track pass will come soon,be prepared to come right back out right AFTER we finish running the 1st qualifying pass for PRO just BEFORE 1st session SUPER PRO then you will park your vehicle and prepare for you 1st moderate pass during the 3rd session of qualifying between PRO + SUPER PRO and if after the moderate pass and your run qualifies plus if your witnesses are willing to sign you off for you license then the next time your on the track you can dial faster then the 6.40 for 1st round of eliminations.

Please note if you do not qualify for your license you can still participate in eliminations but you CANNOT dial faster then the 6.40,we are not adverse to you running eliminations but we must strictly enforce our licensing procedures to comply to our insurance policy

On a final note we have notice many participants have been lack in applying their safety equipment on properly or not at all such as belts,helmet straps,window nets Etc. for example watching drivers slip their arms into loose harnesses and not tightening them while they drive into the burn out box,window nets down,seat belts not latched,helmet straps dangling,in the event that we have to repeatedly have to remind that driver or see these infractions occur that driver is done for the day and in the past because we were in the heat for the championship we have let those infractions slip by us but not this year due to insurance implications in the event of an incident we will lose our policy and no one will get to race and also it would be a shame to lose the championship over a disqualification.Please help us by complying so we don’t have to be put on the spot to have to enforce this,thanks for making 2017 another great season.

NITA 2017 Parking Reminder

  • No saving spots as this has caused issues in the past and NITA does not need to get involved
  • Use common sense and take as little room as possible
  • 15ft max for SP and Pro with trailers and car (truck) (bike)
  • Single width when possible
  • Units that total more then 60ft may be better off in the outer compound
  • The larger unit you bring make it harder for everyone to fit ( hence the 115 racer count )
  • Street to park in front of forward hanger (NITA will advise)
  • Spots will be marked out where possible
  • Trailers not needed will be asked to park up at the start line (NITA will advise)
  • At this time there is NO camping for Non racers on site or in outer compound
  • We urge you to use local campgrounds or hotels
  • NITA reserves the right to shuffle things around when needed
  • Remember there are rules , fire , insurance and other issues we must follow to make this work
  • The use of mini bikes and quads by unsupervised children on this site is not allowed
  • All pit vehicles must have car # attached and visible
  • All dogs must be leashed and their MESS cleaned up
  • moving forward we must treat this site better then our own for NITA to keep using this great facility of the Town of Port McNeill

NITA thanks you for your cooperation!

The Final Points are in!

To all champions and runner ups: Congratulations on another great season!

Thanks to everyone for helping us set a record season of attending and making our event the pleasure it has been. If we had another race or another round or if it got rained out on the final day the results might have been different but alas the fat lady has sung and rumble in your pipes for next season. Click here to get the play by play and see the Final Point Standings for 2016.

Wind Up Dinner Reservations

Attention Racers and fans: Wind Up Dinner reservations must be in before Friday August 19th.

Sorry, no exceptions. All money must be paid to Jackie on Friday night for you to receive your ticket. If you have reserved a ticket and do not show, the Club will still ask you to pay. This is a 0 profit event as a thank you to our racers (and fans ) for their support of this track. Thank you, NITA.

2016 Race For The Championship - July 23-24 Update

Starting off with Sportsman: No drama here coming into the final weekend. There is a total of 162 points available. What this means is that if you add 162 to your points you'll have a higher score than our points leader Clint Neargarth, from Victoria. Thus stopping him as the repeat SM champ. Most everyone with 164 points or more stands a chance but you have to dispose of him early both days in the 1st or 2nd rounds and go on to win some rounds. Or if he doesn't show up then almost everywhere in sportsman has a chance!

Pro same idea as sportsman, except the odds are better that you can catch Ron Graham from Courtenay. Because of all the extra cars, there is a total of 182 points available. There are a lot of drivers that can take him out early due to the high car count. The magic number is 164 points! Anyone with that or more can conceivably overtake him. All eligible hitters should go after this idea!

In Super Pro we saw total domination by Bill Nesbitt from Victoria. He has to not show up and Super Pro field has to double in size to get the rounds to catch him. Only 3 racers can: Dave, Mike and Ken. The lights are starting to flicker and the party is hitting midnight for this class!

June 18-19, 2016 Race Weekend Point Standings Update

Due to the unfortunate incident of someone hitting the lights we have had to fill in the blanks by using other rounds of competition to calculate where each competitor completion was. That only occurred on Sat's Race in Pro class. We never lost any data in either SP or SM or Pro at any other time.
Some racers actually missed first round but if they did make a run that day they will be given 11 points for qualifying. So in those cases please email me for your 11 points. How you can tell is the last number indicates how many races you staged for first round which are actually tie breaker points.

Please note the final day to sign up for points is Saturday July 23 for this year. We will add your points earned to the list. Upon reviewing the points as of the last race, no one has runaway with the lead and all leaders are very catchable. As noted last year it went down to the final day of the season and in most cases it was not decided until the latter rounds on the last day.

To those that have not paid to sign up for points: Bill's suggestion is go and do so to restore your points and you might find yourself jumping to the head of the pack!
Please click here to check out the current point standings for 2016.

The 2016 Wind up dinner will be on August 20th

More details to come.


Please Note, due to the logistics of registration and volunteer overload we request PRE REGISTRATION sooner than later. Thank you for your help on this matter.

Up to now we have never set a maximum car count nor turned any racers away, that is our goal.
In saying that we highly recommend getting your paperwork and fees sent in sooner than later. We have already received pre-registration payments from racers for 2016.

2015 Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held September 3rd. Please click here to view the minutes.

Photos of the 2015 Racing Season

Thanks to Ken Hutton and Jackie Van Herk-Kennedy for supplying some excellent photos from our 2015 season!

End of 2015 Racing Season

Please click here to check out the Final Point Standings for 2015!

Our 2015 Racing season was a huge success, thank you to everyone who made it happen: Racers, Sponsors and Volunteers!

Wind up Dinner

On Saturday, August 22 at 6pm we will be having our end of season dinner at the race track.

Tickets are $19.00 per plate. The dinner will be catered and on the menu is Roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes, vegetables, lasagne and salad.
Please click here to contact us to confirm your seat or if you have any questions.
We will require a head count.
Money will be collected at the Registration desk during the race on August 22.

June 24, 2015

Great weekend ,KUDOS to the Port McNeill Fire Deptartment and all the Racers that helped gather & gave a donation to them for bailing us out of a tough situation that saved our weekend ! Many Thanks Again!

GRACE period for registering for the points championship is you must pay before the next race. To retain the points you have earned this past weekend we must receive payment within the next 30 days (before July 18/2015). Thanks to those that have already done so, you've made our job a lot easier!

Race belts expiry date will be extended from 2 year to 3 year.

The extra year extension does not apply to classes that require chassis inspection.

Our track has an "Advanced Tech Inspection" card which includes:

  • Competition Number (a permanent number for the season, can be a NHRA Number or one you choose as long as it does not start with a 6.
  • Allows you to run the points system for the season.
  • One time complete Tech Inspection for the season (spot Tech checks may still happen)
  • Cost is $25 per season

We will be having Tech open Friday evening

Tech inspectors will visit the pits to check cars. Saturday and Sunday Tech inspections will require the car to go to the start line area.

We will be offering N.I.T.A. Competition Licenses

This will be needed if you run 6:49 or faster at our track and only valid at our track (at this time).

We will also be offering N.I.T.A. Chassis Certification

The cost is $ 50.00 and will be good for 2 years (same as required driver medical).
Chassis cert equipment and decals will be onsite during our first weekend race date.
Please note this ruling will be enforced this season
Any questions regarding this please see contact info on the Tech Page.


A great help would be for anyone coming to please pre register. Our volunteer registration personal have a heavy work load Friday night and Saturday morning and could lead to you not being ready for racing.

Please note we will be starting the race program at 9 a.m. sharp

Sportsman cars will be in the water box for this time.

Reminder that car numbers are to be in white 3” high letters as per NHRA rules.

Other colours make it difficult for the tower to identify them.

North Island Timing Association Year End Awards Banquet

Saturday November 22 , 2014

Broughton Curling Club Port McNeill
Doors open 5:30 , dinner at 6:00

$17. Per person RSVP via Facebook North Island Timing Association to Trevor Walton or e mail Trevor by clicking here as we need a head count for caterer.‎
For more info contact Trevor 250 956-4885
See ya'll there

2014 AGM

Our Annual General Meeting was held on May 24, 2014, please click here to view the minutes. Our next meeting is scheduled for June 5, 2014.

Executive list changes

Please visit our contacts page for an updated list of the executives.

Maximum car count per race

Please Pre Register because we are operating near capacity (80-100 cars)

Huge track improvement

We have started adding some pavement to our return road at the turn off end after the run hopefully making it a smoother transition off the track + helping reduce the amount of gravel tracked back to the racing surface.

NITA again like many other innovative tracks in North America is allowing one vehicle to compete in 2 classes provided they meet the rules + dial in times. So for example you can run in Pro must dial 7.99 + quicker but must dial 8.00 + slower in Sportsman or vice versa and another example is Super Pro can run in Pro but must not use any electronics (Examp. Delay boxes,Throttle Stops,Etc.) or vice versa. All Pro cars can run in Super Pro with no changes. Another note is you can run the same vehicle with a different driver in a different class but if you are counting points they go with what that driver has earned during eliminations. For example Driver A runs same vehicle in Pro, Driver B runs that vehicle in Sportsman driver A earns 30 pts in Pro + driver B goes to 2nd round and earns 40 pts in Sportsman. At no time can drivers A + B run the same vehicle in the same class. Use common sense for fairness + complication factors. The rule is same vehicle in 2 classes.

Nita also would like to continue our points program which you must pre register before 2nd race to have your points count. All money from registering for points will be put into a points fund for the class you are registering for. Plus one of the bonuses you will receive is you will get a permanent competition number, advance Tech Inspection and Competition License. For those that run 9.99 (6.40 - 1/8th please see tech info) if you are not interested in competing for points or expecting to come to all our races please do not concern yourself about pre registering but you are still eligible to our daily prizes unless you need the so call Competition License as fore mentioned.

Special announcement for this season

Our dates posted are for points races only ,as of right now we will not be having the Big Buck Gamblers Race.

All 6 races in 3 weekends are to count towards the championship.

We are in current discussion regarding the Gambler's Race.

Maybe a race on Saturday after eliminations but that is TBA as of now!