2024 Pre-season update

Attention in the pits!

Please read the information below in full.

Please check the Master Driver Checklist below to ensure your driver number and spelling of your name and other information is correct. The driver number on the list is your personal and permanent driver number and is the number you will need to use on your Registration Form, Tech Form, and on your Vehicle Windows on race day. This is the number you will use for all McNeill races this season and future seasons, as well as if you race at the Saratoga track.  This number is to be used regardless of the class you compete in, the vehicle you drive or if your switch vehicles over time. Shared vehicles use the same number for both drivers in both classes to avoid confusion in the tower. Anyone who knows racers who are not on the internet please let them know or let me know.

*Note: if your number is not correct, you wish to change it, or any of your information is incorrect please contact me by email at dragracing@island-oasis.ca as soon as possible so I can make adjustments before registration begins. Additionally, if the vehicle you are racing this season has changed from past seasons, driver change or the car is shared, please let me know as we plan to update the computer system before we pack it up to take to the first race. If you are a new racer to the NITA track and do not have a number or if somehow your number was lost in the computer data transfer, please contact me as soon as possible.

*Note: This DOES NOT guarantee you a space for the event(s)! This is just for information purposes only!

Notes when marking your windows on race day. Order is:

Line 1: Class [Space] Driver Number

Line 2: Dial in

*Line 3: If your car runs alcohol, put a capital A with a circle around it.


All lines must be 6”  high and very clearly written to help the Tower with accuracy and efficiency.  For those racers who wish to put permanent driver numbers on their windows they too must be 6” high.  For those with limited window space or on motorcycles just do your best. ????


To avoid class confusion, classes are to be shown as:

ST = Street

P  =  Pro

SP  =  Super Pro

Jr  =  Jr. Dragsters


*Note: Sportsman Class will be known as Street Class to avoid confusion with Super Pro. This change does not determine the requirement for the class.


Using Tim Walton as an example:

SP 619W



Two classes should be shown with a /

Using Tim Walton as an example in Pro and Super Pro:

P/SP  619W


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