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2018 Registration Information is coming soon

Please check back with us shortly.

Registration is now full and closed Email confirmations have been sent out, if you did not receive an email please contact us as some emails were missing.

Registration opens March 1 ,2017

Racing Dates for 2017: June 24-25, July 22-23 and Aug 26-27

There Will Be A 115 Car Cut Off

2017 NITA events are by Pre Registration Only. No drive ups unless approved by NITA.

Fees will be per weekend:

  • $100 car and driver per class
  • $10.00 pit crew per weekend
  • $10.00 spectator per weekend
  • $25.00 per season for points program which includes advance tech (ATI) per class

At this time parking is on a first come first serve basis. Reserving many spots is frowned upon by NITA and fellow racers. Please work with us to fit all racers and be courteous. We will have spots marked out where feasible and NITA reserves the right to move people as needed. Racer camping and parking is in the designated area. Non racer camping outside is limited and NITA reserves the right to move you to alternate place.

NITA 2017 Parking Reminder

  • No saving spots as this has caused issues in the past and NITA does not need to get involved
  • Use common sense and take as little room as possible
  • 15ft max for SP and Pro with trailers and car (truck) (bike)
  • Single width when possible
  • Units that total more then 60ft may be better off in the outer compound
  • The larger unit you bring make it harder for everyone to fit ( hence the 115 racer count )
  • Street to park in front of forward hanger (NITA will advise)
  • Spots will be marked out where possible
  • Trailers not needed will be asked to park up at the start line (NITA will advise)
  • At this time there is NO camping for Non racers on site or in outer compound
  • We urge you to use local campgrounds or hotels
  • NITA reserves the right to shuffle things around when needed
  • Remember there are rules , fire , insurance and other issues we must follow to make this work
  • The use of mini bikes and quads by unsupervised children on this site is not allowed
  • All pit vehicles must have car # attached and visible
  • All dogs must be leashed and their MESS cleaned up
  • moving forward we must treat this site better then our own for NITA to keep using this great facility of the Town of Port McNeill

NITA thanks you for your cooperation!

Please drive slow in and out of airports. Remember we are guests on this property and treat it as such.

Green Lights everyone!
NITA 2017