Please check the Updates Page for important information certification and licensing for the 2017 Racing Season.

Registration is now full and closed Email confirmations have been sent out, if you did not receive an email please contact us as some emails were missing.

We’re looking for a Race Announcer for our 2017 race season, please contact us if you’re interested.


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2017 Race Dates: June 24-25-19, July 22-23, and August 26-27

We are revamping the way we register drivers, please check back soon for more information posted here and on the registration page.

The 2016 Racing Season was a huge success!

Thank you to the fans and our sponsors for your support!
Click here to check out the final point standings for 2016!
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Come and watch:

1/8 mile drag racing for only$5/person


June 24-25, July 22-23, and August 26-27, 2017


Drag racing enthusiasts won’t want to miss the North Island Timing Association’s summer event that promises to provide a million thrills a minute!


Races are held in Port McNeill at the airport

Click here for a map
More information about Port McNeill can be found on the Accommodations and Links pages

Important Information for drivers:

Please check out the Updates page for important information about changes for the 2015 racing season:

Please Pre Register to save your spot due to higher car counts this season.


SPORTSMAN - 2016 Final Point Standings

381Clint Neargarth396
411Robert Baxter346
308Ron Clarke296
319Darren Nylund296
219Jeff Bowell276
327Colby Day276
Neil Foxcroft266
336Connie Howie256
Dailan Foxcroft236
Len Stefiuk226
352Bev Varrin206
303Doug Day206
347Geoffry Hall206
355Greg Fentie200
409Robert Wilson196
371Dayton Fentie82
338Brent Odlund82
408Kevin Pye72

PRO - 2016 Final Point Standings

Matt Weremi366
211Ron Graham356
G656Greg Wright346
23Logan Walcot336
292Bill Jamieson276
283Wade Lahaise266
308Ron Clarke246
277Gord Brooks236
250Dave Deck236
500Phil Bachand 236
W619Tim Walton226
293Wayne Manca206
256Rick Hebert206
R711Rockey Filipchuk205
Byron Dewaal204
223Vince Smith196
Kirk Nielson194
295Brad Scott194
209Wayne Lamontagne186
228Trevor Walton186
226Rob Casanave179
206Richard Spencer164
294Larry Hopps164
228Rob Spencer164
273TJ Stagg154
282Connie Lahaise113
252Lyle McBride62
379Dale Parker62

SUPERPRO - 2016 Final Point Standings

6011Bill Nesbitt396
A652Ken Anderson246
6391Mike Hutmacher226
124David Freeman225
699BJohn Breining196
N663Chris Sharpe184
E619Eric Shields144
252Lyle McBryde62

Recent Activity:

North Island Timing Association

North Island Timing Association is the only drag racing association on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC that runs 3 large 1/8 mile bracket races at Port McNeill Raceway every race season! Held at the Port McNeill Airport. 2017 SEASON DATES June 24 & 25 July 22 & 23 Aug 26 & 27 Camping available for racers & pit crew. Please pre register as space is limited. Don't let the rain discourage you as Port McNeill kindly waters it's vegetation at night and dries up in time for racing! email: nita@live.ca For more info and registration check out our website www.northislandtimingassociation.com
Elaine Cadwallader
Elaine Cadwallader1 hour ago
Firefighters instruction on Power shut off and other safety features around the cars !
Elaine Cadwallader
Elaine Cadwallader1 hour ago
Last night @ the Runway
T.J. Stagg
T.J. Stagg2 days ago
To the brainyack that made tranny shields expire I salute you with two raised fingers. Care to guess which ones? Such a simple task with a tranny on the bench, not so much when it's in the car. Now the major foot stomping tantrum guess which moron forgot to write down the shield number πŸ€”
Ashley Tapp
Ashley Tapp1 day ago
NEW this year!! Serving Chilli & Chilli Dogs!!! Can't wait to see all your cars and smiling faces πŸ˜πŸš˜πŸš¦πŸ˜ƒ
Pig-Pen Petersen
Pig-Pen Petersen1 day ago
Good luck ya'll. Looks like the weatherman is settling in for some perfect racing time. Unfortunately I am stuck close to home for the next six weeks or so. I will be thinking of you guys. dkp
Trevor Walton
Trevor Walton1 week ago
Just another reminder guys
NITA does not have parking attendants on Friday , if you are planning on parking with your buddies it's best to come together . If you have a spot saved and (NITA does not approve this ) and someone pulls in and they want it it is theirs to take . Longer trailers and units should not park in the middle section As we need to be able to have a run around that section . Longer units are encouraged to park in the outer gate as there is plenty of room there . We can all work together and make this work for every racer
Cheers gang
Trevor Walton
Trevor Walton2 days ago
Place looks good people . Remember for those who show up Thur night or Friday please take as little space as needed ( we need the room )
And if you have extra people not paid and checked in to see Roberta or Sandy Friday night as everyone at races must have a bracelet of some sort
Hayden Jury
Hayden Jury2 days ago
Can u run open headers in sportsman thanks super pumped for first race at the track
Mat Armstrong
Mat Armstrong5 days ago
i'm sure there is no more room for entrants but if there is i would like to come race !
Trevor Walton
Trevor Walton3 weeks ago
Work party at airport Tuesday the 20th
Wed 21 bring weed wacker if you have one . Set up fences move some logs and measure out some parking
Anytime after 7:00 pm
Trevor Walton
Trevor Walton3 days ago
So anyone on the fence about not making it up this weekend to race please let us know. We have a few on wait list wanting in

4 more days
4 more days
4 more days
Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy3 days ago
I know there has been many hours of volunteer time...and there are work "parties" tonight and tomorrow! I just want to send out a HUGE THANK YOU! Your efforts are appreciated!
Mat Armstrong
Mat Armstrong3 days ago
does anyone have 20-40 liters of unleaded race gas they can sell me ? let me know what you have thanks !